Custom Coding

Website design and development go hand-in-hand, however, development primarily refers to the “back end” of the website in which coding must be created or tweaked in order for the website to function properly. The “back end” is the framework of the website, the codes that allow the site to run, the database that stores all the information that the site uses and how it integrates necessary data. When a website is developed correctly, the user never needs to consider the “back end” of the website – just the daily maintenance and upkeep.


At Builduawebsite, our Development Team works closely together with our clients to determine their website’s functional needs and requirements in order to develop or simply change an existing website’s coding to achieve necessary goals. Our team has experience in collaborating and designing custom codes to create a truly functional and well-designed webpage.


We utilize a wide variety of tools during the website development process, and only offer the most reputable service available. Our expertise in custom coding allows us to customize a solution to current problems. Our Development Team understands many programming languages and software packages, including (but not limited to):